Tuesday, February 7, 2012

...not know the love of a good man

There's always so much talk about the love of a good woman. Rightly so, our love IS divine! I am not one of those women who bad-mouths men, or really cares to hear other women do it. Of course, there are less-than-desirable ones out there, but not all of them are that way. Heck, to play that game, there are less-than-desirable women out there! A good man makes the world spin as well as a good woman. He just does it differently because (surprise!) he IS different. Knowing a good man is enriching, enlightening, and burden-easing. He is to be honored and respected, bestowed dignity and favor. However, to be loved by one...well, that takes it to a whole different level.

To know the love of a good man, you know that he:
  • makes you laugh all the time because it's just as fulfilling for him to see you smile as it is to have fun
  • picks up your dirty tissues when you leave them on the console table in the living room
  • does the laundry just because you don't want to
  • sees you're upset and checks in with you because, even though he knows you well enough, he knows you still need to talk to get whatever it is off your mind and be happy again
  • will be honest with you about how your hair looks as if a bird lives there all the while saying it in a loving way
  • lets you make the decision about where you'll eat for dinner, secretly hoping it will be the taco shop, but still okay if it's pizza and wings...again
  • will go out of his way to make sure your car is safe to drive no matter how many times you tell him about the chug-chug-thingy sound
  • will embrace your family as his own just because it's YOUR family and nobody else's
  • is wise and has great things to say that either heal your heart or give you a better perspective
  • sets a solid example for your kids as to how you should be toward others, especially the forgotten and discarded
  • will enjoy a chick flick, chocolate, and a foot rub just as much as you do
  • has many, many other aspects that contribute to your well-being

So 3 cheers to those men out there who are good, solid men - hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!...and thanks all around.

NEXT: The final touches: shoes, jewelry, and purses!

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